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environment science


class I

Key Concepts

domestic animals, wild animals, pet animals, birds, insects, water animals, amphibians

essential questions

1. Why are animals important for the planet earth?


1. Squirrels, cats and fishes are____ animals: a) very small b) small c) big d) very big
2. ___ is not a wild animal: a) cow b) fox c) lion d) tiger


1. Which of the following animals does NOT give us milk:
2. Which of the following is NOT a pet animal:



1. Which of the following does is the odd one out: a) grasshopper b) silverfish c) mosquito d) butterfly
2.Find the odd one out: a) crow b) sparrow c) pigeon d) penguin
3. Find the odd one out: a) salamander b) frog c) dolphin d) taod
4. Find the odd one out: a) fish b) octopus c) seahorse d)silverfish
5. Which is odd one out:
6. Name these animals: a) i give a ride to the people on my back b) I eat grass and give you milk c)I love to drink milk d) I am the tallest animal on land e) I am the kind of the jungle