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environment science


class I

Key Concepts

domestic animals, wild animals, pet animals, birds, insects, water animals, amphibians

essential questions

1. Why are animals important for the planet earth?


  1. Which of these animals eats both plants and other animals:  a) bear  b) buffalo   c) wolf   d) giraffe
  2. Select the young one that will grow into the animal shown in picture      a) calf    b) lamb   c) joey   d) tadpole
  3. Which of the following we should do: a) we should not feed our pet animals b) We should throw stones at any animals we see   c) we should give medicines to our pets when they are sick  d) all of these
  4. Which of the following is a correct match with animal and food they eat: a) Eagle —- Plants b) Deer—- Both plants and flesh of other animals   c) Mouse—- Only flesh of other animals   d) Hen— grains


  1. Rashi had to make four pairs each having one wild and one domestic animal but she made mistake while making one of the pairs. Select the INCORRECT pair:  a) Zebra, dog   b) Leopard, sheep  c) Cow, horse   d) Whale, Goat
  2. Select the incorrect pair: a) Lion —- Pride   b) ant— army    c) Elephant—- flock    d) Dog— pack


  1. Which among these animals can live both in water and on land:   d) all of these
  2. Select the animal whose young one is called infant:
  3. All of the following live in nest EXCEPT : a) bat  b) crow  c) pigeon  d) sparrow
  4. Refer to the given conversation between four friends and select the friend who made a wrong statement: a) Swati: I saw a crow eating a dead rat. Awful   b) Ram: I saw a cat eating grass  c) Shashi: My pet dog loves to have milk   d) Ali: My neighbor’s hen eats worms and grains


  1. Unscramble the given groups of letters and select the option that gives the name of home of the animal shown in the picture:    a) H E D S    b) I E H V    c) E N D    d) E N S T
  2. Unscramble the given letters to get the names of the homes of the animals shown    a) X= TENS Y= BLATES   b) X= NETS   Y= LABEST    c) X= ENST   Y= TABLES    d) X= NEST  Y= STABLE
  3. Select the suitable heading for group X and Group Y:   a) X= flying birds   Y= Flightless birds    b) X= winged birds   Y= wingless birds   c) X= flightless birds   Y= flying birds   d) X= wingless birds    Y= winged birds
  4. Starting from the first letter, cross out every alternate letter and identify the name of the animal that can live both n land and in water: a) EMAOLN SKUEVY   b) TOTCIT FOCPLUMS  c) TFGRSOUG   d) HFSITSLH