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environment science


class I

Key Concepts

sense organs, internal organs, brain, bones, muscles, body parts

essential questions

How does food help in making our body strong?
Why is it important to exercise everyday?


1. The ____ system helps us to take air from outside: a) respiratory b) circulatory c) digestive d) none of these
2. Which of the following body part is called storehouse of knowledge: a) brain b) kidneys c) nose d) eyes
3. Which of the following organ of body is protected by skull: a) stomach b) lungs c) brain d) heart
4. Which of the following organs is located in chest: a) lungs b) kidneys c) stomach d) brain
5. Which of the following organs is not present in our body in pair: a) kidney b) hands c) ears d) nose
6. Which organ is responsible for walking: a) arms b legs c) shoulders d) neck
7. Our skin gives us the sense of_____ a) taste b) touch c) smell d) movement
8. Identify the organ shown below : a) Heart b) Lungs c) brain d) stomach

9. Which of the following organ can sense smell:
10. The internal body part of our body is: a) brain b) lips c) head d) neck
11. Fill in the blanks: a) the body parts located inside our body are called_____
b) Sense organs are located ____ our body and called_____ organs
c) We can taste with our____
d) I can _____soft music
e) Brain is placed inside our_____
f) Stomach helps to ____ food.
g) We have ____ sense organs.
h) ____ helps us to feel.


1. Which of the following is not a sense organ: a) ear b) hair c) skin d) eyes
2. Which of the following make muscular system: a) bones b) arms c) muscles d) skin
3. Which of the following organ is used for touch: a) tongue b) nose c) skin d) eyes
4. Which of the following is NOT part of the sense organ: a) skin b) tongue c) smell d) eyes
5. Read the following passage carefully and answer the following: The human body included head, neck and arms, legs and feet. The human body consists of organ systems like digestive, respiratory, nervous system etc. Nervous system controls and regulates the activity of all other systems of body. Skeleton frames the overall shape of the body: a) Head and neck b) legs and feet c) arms and hands d) all of the above
6. Which part of our body can be moved : a) neck b) elbow c) knees d) all of these
7. Which of the following is the external part of the body : a) brain b) nerves c) skin d) bones
8. Which of the following activities cannot be done with the help of hands: a) walking b) playing c) writing d) holding a book
9. Which of the following is necessary for human survival: a) air, water and bones b) bones, muscles and blood c) food, blood and heart d) all of these
10. The external part of our body are: a) all of these b) ears c) nose d) skin
11. The soft parts of our body are: a) muscles b) head c) teeth d) bones
12. What is the function of skin?
13. What are the functions of mouth?
14. What is the function of hands?
15. Give two uses of: a) Hands b) nose c) Mouth d) legs


1. When we take a shower, which organ of your body is wet: a) lungs b) kidneys c) brain d) skin
2. Identify the body parts: X Organ for pumping blood Y Organ is for breathing
a) X= heart Y= Stomach b) X= lungs Y= Heart c) X= heart Y= Lungs d) X= Kidneys Y= Brain

3. Which of the following is a wrong statement: a) Bones and muscles work together b) bones are covered with muscles c) body digest food to give energy d) heart helps to think and remember
4. Name and draw any five parts of the body that we have in pairs.
5. Fill in the worksheet below:


1. Select the odd one out: a) Mouth b) liver c) stomach d) knee
2. Which of the following is true about skin: A. Skin is the internal body part. B It is a sense organ because it gives the sense of touch C. Covers the whole body D. skin can be white, black or wheatish in colour. A) both A and B b) A, B and C c) B, C and D d) All of the above
3. Consider the following statements and choose the correct answer: Statement 1: Nerves transfer senses from various parts of the body to the brain Statement 2: Brain is the main organ of the nervous system a) Statement 1 is true and statement 2 is false b) Statement 1 is false and statement 2 is true c) Both statement 1 and statement 2 are true d) both statement 1 and statement 2 are false
4. Ranu studies in class 2. She comes to school regularly but feels weak after going back to school. Feeling weak is not common in her age group. As a friend what will you suggest her: a) exercise daily b) should not come to school c) eat healthy food d) both a and c
5. Solve the riddle given below:
1) My hats keeps it warm ____
2) On them I may pray or play a game of marbles ___
3. Did you see me throw that ball____
4. You will see mark when I walk in the snow____
5. Yo can have two of these. They can clap pr make snow balls.____
6. Bell make sound. I can hear the bell. _____

7. Who am I? A) I am the largest sense organ. I am ____
b) I am body part. I help you write. I am ____
c) I am sense organ. I can see. I am___
d) I am body part. I help you run. I am___
e) I am sense organ. I can smell. I am ____

8. A hot glass of milk was kept on the table. Rena touched it and realized that it was hot to hold. Two organs (one internal and one sense organ) worked together in this case. Can you tell which these two organs were?



Make a cutout of the body on a stiff paper. Draw diagrams of Heart, Brain, Lungs and Stomach and stick them in the body cut out in correct place.