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environment science


class I

Key Concepts

healthy, strong, protects, diseases, vegetables, energy giving foods, body building foods, protective foods, cereals, fruits

essential questions

1. Why is it important to have food?
2. Why do we eat variety of food and not eat only one kind of food everyday?


  1. ___ is required for the growth and development of our body: a) energy giving food b) body building food  c) protective food  d) all of these
  2. Food gives us energy to ____ a) play b) dance  c) study  d) all of these
  3. ___ do not come from plants: a) fruits b) vegetables  c) eggs  d) pulses
  4. ___ does not come from animals: a) egg b) milk  c) rice  d) meat
  5. We must eat food at____ time: a) proper b) any  c) night  d) day
  6. The meal that we take at night is called: a) breakfast b) dinner  c) lunch  d) meal


  1. Body building foods are also called as: a) vitamins  b) proteins  c) minerals  d) none of these
  2. Fats are mainly present in the following items: a) ghee b) oils   c) both  d) none of these
  3. Children like cakes. Cake is a __ food.  a) nutritious food   b) junk food  c) healthy food  d) none of these
  4. Junk food is: c) both of them  d) none of them
  5. We should eat the following to remains fit:    d) all of these
  6. Which of the following are energy giving food:    d) none of these
  7. Which is a healthy food:
  8. Which of the following should be avoided to remain healthy: d) none of these


  1. Which of the following are vegetarian food:    d) only a and b
  2. Which of these animals gives us honey:   d) none of these
  3. Seema is an excellent player. Her food should be rich in ___ to maintain her bones and muscles: a) energy giving food b) protective food  c) body building  food  d) none of these
  4. It is said we should not eat too many sweets. Why?


  1. Non vegetarian food includes:    d) both a and c
    1. Rehaan: Energy giving foods help us growing strong

    2.Payal: Protective food like vegetables help us fighting diseases

    a) Only Payal is correct b) Only Rehaan is correct  c) Both of them are correct  d) both of them are incorrect

  2. Reema wants her bone and teeth to be healthy. So she should take___ regularly. d) None of these
  3. Kaushki: Minerals are important for bones and teeth Srijan: Vitamins are not required by our body   Which of the following are true:  a) Kaushki is true but Srijan is false  b) Both Kaushki and Srijan are false  c) Both Kaushki and Srijan are true  d) None of these
  4. Think of the vegetable or fruit which: a) we can eat raw with peeling____ b) Gives us juice   c) Is used to prepare pickle  d) We cannot eat uncooked____
  5. What are these items made up of: a) Dosa  b) Dhokla