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environment science


class I

Key Concepts

essential questions


  1. Which of the following games are played while sitting on a chair: a) carom b) chess  c) ludo   d) all of them
  2. In which of the following games do you have to run: a) skipping   b) kho kho  c) carom  d) snakes and ladders
  3. _____ is/ are played with a ball: a) football b) cricket  c) tennis  d) all of these
  4. Which of the following games are played with a rope: a) flying disc b) skipping  c) hide and seek  d) scrabble
  5. ___ is a board game: a) carom b) badminton  c) cycling  d) volleyball
  6. Name any two games which are played with a ball.
  7. How many players play the game of hockey for a team?



  1. Name any two games in which nothing is needed but only players.
  2. In the given word grid, find the names of some games that you love to play with your friend:


  1. Why should we play games?



It’s your birthday party and you want to play some indoor games with your friends, what type of games you can play where you can have all of them participate at the same time. Think of two such games that you can play with your friends indoors in your birthday party.