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class II

Key Concepts

action words, doing words

essential questions

1. How do we know that we are doing something?
2. How do we find action words in a sentence?


Exercise 1: Underline the verbs (doing words) in the following sentences.

  1. Ria waters the plants.
  2.  She writes a letter to her grandmother.
  3. Dia reads a book.
  4. The sun shines.
  5. The train runs on rails.
  6. They are watching cricket match.
  7. The boys are fighting.
  8. I am painting a picture.
  9. Girls are skipping in the park.
  10. He is writing a poem.
  11. She eats an apple every day.
  12. The rabbit hops.

Exercise 2: Circle the verb in each sentence.
1. My family likes to go to the zoo.

2. This chocolate cake is delicious.
3. I like to curl up on the sofa and read books.
4. Mom and dad are going out for dinner.
5. Cows like to eat grass.
6. Did dad wash the car?
7. Babies cry a lot.

Exercise 3: Circle the verb in each sentence.

  1. Lilies grow in the pond.
  2. The girl sat on the chair.
  3. The boy drank lemonade.
  4. The boy played with his dog.
  5. Kittens like to drink milk.


Exercise 1: Use these verbs to fill in the blanks below:

swim  play    drink   fly   wear   ride   write  drive  cut   read  ring  sing  draw   sleep   work

  1. You____ a kite.
  2. You____ a car
  3. You ___ with a knife
  4. You____ your uniform
  5. You ___ story books
  6.  You ___ with a pen.
  7. You ____ a bell
  8. You___ a picture
  9. You___ a horse
  10. You____ games
  11. You____ songs
  12.  You____ at night
  13. You ___ in the swimming pool
  14. You ___ along the road
  15. You____ water


Read the following sentences carefully. Mark correct if the verb is used correctly. Put a cross in the box if the verb is used wrongly  . Rewrite the correct sentence.

  1. I writes easily.
  2. Harry react a lot
  3. We love our parents
  4. You knows me
  5. Alex go to school
  6. Seema and Rita play together
  7. He knows that place
  8. They go to bed early
  9. It rains heavily
  10. I gets up early
  11. She paints beautifully
  12. We like that flower
  13. You come on time
  14. He think so
  15. It look beautiful

Exercise 2: Circle the verbs.
raced  house  look  opened  sent  grew  plants  carried  coat  painted  blew  started  sat  lamp  turned
Complete the sentences using the verbs from above.
1. My mom _____________ the room yellow.
2. They ____________ tired after all their hard work.
3. My sister and I _____________some carrots.
4. Patty ______________ me a package.
5. We ______________ the door for our guests.
6. Bob _______________ out the candles on his cake.
7. I _____________ my brother to get the best seat.




  1. Write five sentences on what you do after the school is over. Underline the action words in those sentences.
  2. Look at the picture given below and write what these kids are doing.