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class I

Key Concepts

action words, identifying verbs, activity, doing words

essential questions

What are verbs or action words?
How do we come to know some kind of activity is taking place?


Identify the words which show action:


Ex 1: Circle the verbs in these sentences:
1. My brother swims in the lake.
2. I row a boat across the water.
3. Dad hid the cookies from us.
4. Amy waved goodbye to me.
5. We love to eat pizza for dinner.

Ex 2: Circle the verbs in these sentences:

1. Meena eats pizza.
2. Leena rides her bicycle.
3. The children play in the backyard.
4. The teacher looks at the book.
5. The cat chases the mouse.


Ex 1. Fill in the blanks using the correct action word:

reading  , writing,  watching , eating, brushing , swinging , cooking

  1. Reena is____ on the swings.
  2. Sheela is____ eating pizza.
  3. Reema is____ a book and Radha is ____ her homework.
  4. Lata is ____ her teeth.
  5. My mother is _____ food.
  6. Grandpa is ____ television in his room.

Ex 2. Make your own sentences using these action words:

eating ,  plays , sings , cries,



Verbs can also be mental actions like to think. Write a sentence  with a “mental action” verb.