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environment science


class I

Key Concepts

Healthy, habits, safety, traffic rules, good manners, first aid

essential questions

1.Why do you think everyone tells us to have good manners?
2. Why is it important to follow rules?


Keeping Healthy and Safe and good manners

  1. We must exercise: a) once a month b) once a year  c) daily  d) once a week
  2. To cut our nails, we use___ a) comb  b) soap   c) nail cutter  d) tooth brush
  3. When do you brush your teeth: a) after I wake up  b) after playing  c) when I take a bath  d)  After exercise
  4. On road always walk__ a) On left side of road  b) on the right side of your road   c) anywhere you want  d) cannot say
  5. Always cover your mouth with your hands when you are ____ a) sneezing b) coughing  c) yawning  d) all of these
  6. Fill in the blanks in the passage given below: We should our body clean. We must take____ every morning. We should wash our hands before and after every____ We should do____ daily which keeps our__ strong. We should eat____ food to saty____
  7. Which of the following traffic signal indicates to stop a while and go: a) the green light b) the yellow light   c) red light  d) blue light
  8. Which of the following is a good habit: a) respect your elders b) brush your teeth  c) use zebra crossing to cross the road   d) all of these
  9. Identify the figure that is following safety rules while travelling in a bus:
  10. Do you waste your food?
  11. Do you talk while taking your meals?
  12. Write two good habits while eating food?
  13. Fill in the blanks: a) Do not eat___ food b) Do not___ eat    c) ____ the water ta after use  d) Do not____ flowers   e) Learn____ manners   g) Eat slowly and ___ the food well


  1. A good posture helps us to stay healthy. Which of the following postures do you think is correct:  d) all of these
  2. To wash our body, we use___
  3. We use ___ to clean our teeth:     d) Both b and c
  4. Select the things from the box given below with we should NOT play:               a) 1,2,6   b) 2,4,5  c) 4,5,6  d) 3,3,6
  5. Which of the following activity we should do every day: a) breakfast  b) bathing  c) brushing  d) all of these
  6. In traffic signals, to stop the vehicles, the: a) red b) blue   c) green  d) yellow
  7. Which of these is correct: a) Bite your nails—- 1. Lick your fingers after eating b) clean your ear with ear buds — 2. Dont cross the road using zebra crossing      Cover your mouth while coughing—– 3. Comb your hair daily     d) cut nails by using nail cutter —- Don’t obey the traffic rules
  8. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT: a) use your hanky when you cough   b) always bite your nails   c) turn off the tap after washing your hands   d) throw garbage into dustbin
  9. Which of these is NOT necessary? Wash your hands____ a) before eating b) after eating  c) before going to the toilets  d) after going to the toilets
  10. Select the bad habit from the following: a) we should never touch any electric gadget with wet hands b) we should wash our hands before and after eating food  c) we must get in or get out of a moving bus  d) both a and c
  11. Which of the following is wrong: a) we should play in the middle of the road b) we should fire crackers in the middle of the road   c) we should play in the playground  d) both a and b
  12. Which of the following should not be touched with wet hands: a) electric switch b) toys  c) crackers  d) flowers
  13. What does red light say?
  14. What is first aid?
  15. What should you do after eating your meals?
  16. Put a tick against the correct sentences and cross against the wrong ones:  i) Do not follow good habit  ii) Do not talk while eating  iii) Write on the walls  iv) Dustbin should be used for throwing wastes  v) Do not use zebra crossing while crossing the road   vi ) Do not wash your hands before and after every meal.


  1. ___ is the immediate help given to a person who is hurt, before doctor arrives: a)  critical aid   b) first aid  c) medical treatment  d) all of these
  2. Your friend gets hurt while playing. What will you do: a) Give some first air to him/ her b) Will take her to hospital  c) call an adult to help him/ her  d) both a and b
  3. Which of the following activity helps to build strong bones and muscles: a) eating  b) exercise  c)  washing  d) bathing
  4. Which of the following safety rules should be followed in the swimming pool: a) swim alone in the swimming pool b) push or pull each other into the water   c) go to the deep side of the pool  d) use swimming tubes, floaters or arm bands
  5. Why do we use zebra crossing?



  1. Consider the following statement and choose the correct answer. Statement A: We should take bath every night Statement B: We should say sorry if we hurt someone   a) Statement A is true. Statement B is false   b) Statement B is true, Statement A is false   c) Both the statements are true  d) Both the statements are false
  2. You must walk on me when you cross the road. I am a ____ crossing a) footpath  b) traffic  c) zebra  d) horse
  3. Consider the following statements and choose the correct option. Statement A. We must eat breakfast every morning. Statement B: we must brush our hair and comb our teeth daily. a) Statement A is true. Statement B is false    b) Statement A is false. Statement B is true   c) Both statement are true  d) none of these
  4. Complete the words with the help of given clues:  a) A place to play_____ b) Traffic light that tells you to go_____ c) A sharp object you should not play with_____ d) A dangerous thing you should not play with and is a four letter word____  e) A person to whom you go for treatment_____
  5. Why do we call zebra crossing this name?