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environment science


class I

Key Concepts

sense organs, eyes, nose, ears, tongue, body parts, hands, feets

essential questions

1. What are the use of various sense organs?
2. What would happen if any of the sense organs were not present in any human beings?
3. How do various body parts help us in moving around?


  1. Ears are used to____ a) see b) talk  c) hear  d) taste
  2. A human body has____ hands: a) 1 b) 2  c) 3  d) 4
  3. This is the image of ___ :   a) nose   b) eyes  c) ears   d) none of these
  4. We chew food through our: a) teeth  b) eyes  c) foot  d) head
  5. Our both hands have___ fingers:  a) 4  b) 6 c) 10  d) 8
  6. We smell food with____ : a) ear b) nose  c) eyes  d) tongue
  7. A human body has___ legs: a) 4  b) 2  c) 1  d) 3
  8. We use our neck to move____ a) hand b) foot   c) head   d) finger
  9. We taste our food with_____ a) tongue b) head  c) nose  d) eye
  10. A human body has eyebrows____ a) 1  b) 2  c) 3  d) 4
  11. We walk with our_____ a) hand b) foot  c) ear   d) head
  12. The colour of our hair is____ a) red b) green  c) black   d) blue
  13. Identify this image:  a) a) nose  b) face   c) hand  d) toes
  14. We have the following in pairs: a) eyes b) ears   c) hands   d) all of these
  15. Which part of our body helps us to see things: a) ears b) teeth  c) eyes  d) hands
  16. Which of the following part controls all the activities in our body: a) eyes b) ears   c) brain   d) skin
  17. Which of the following is the part of leg: a) elbow   b) toes  c) knee  d) both b and c
  18. Which part of the body helps us to watch television: a) eye  b) skin  c) nose  d) both a and b


  1. Hair grows on our: a) palm b) stomach  c) forehead  d) head
  2. To sit down on the floor we bend our: a) elbow  b) foot  c) knees  d) stomach
  3. We pedal our bicycle with: a) hands b) legs  c) palm  d) fingers
  4. Tongue is inside our: a) mouth b) feet  c) ears  d) nose
  5. We hold our pencil with: a) toes b) fingers  c) elbows  d) mouth
  6. Which of the following activities is carried out by legs:
  7. Which of the following sense organ tells us the food is taste good : a) tongue   b) nose  c) ears   d) eyes



  1. Name the part of your body that you : a) comb____    b) Blink:____
  2. Why do some people wear glasses?
  3. Choose the correct word to complete each sentence:

a) my___ tells me that cup of milk is hot ( eye/ nose/ skin)

b) My_____ tells me that the food is yummy. (tongue/ skin/ ear)

c)my  __ tell me about the sound I hear. ( eyes/ ears/ nose)

d) My__ tell me that the painting is beautiful.(  ears/ eyes/ tongue)

e) My____ tells me that flower smells god ( ears/ skin/ nose)


  1. Rishi and Sanvi are playing video game on television. Which of the following parts of body is being used:  a) eyes   b) hands   c) ears  d) all of the above
  2. Rahul touched a hot cup of milk. He pulled his hand away. Which sense organ helped him in knowing the cup is hot : a) hands b) skin  c) nose  d) ears
  3. Tell me which sense organ am I:

a) I tell you whether the food is salty or sweet_____

b) I tell you with the smell if the food is ready or not____

c) when you use me you are able to tell if the colour is black or red._____

d) When you use me you are able dance when your favourite song plays_____

4. Which sense organ makes you laugh on tickling?

5. Select the odd one out:

1. a) elbow   b) wrist  c) hand  d) knees

2. a) Burger   b) pizza  c) apple  d)chocolate

3. a) raincoat  b) frock  c) skirt   d) shirt

4.  a) Eyes  b) ears  c) nose  d) legs

5.  a) eating  b) writing  c) combing  d) running