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environment science


class II

Key Concepts

nuclear family, joint family, single parent family, family time, friends, good manners

essential questions

1. Why is family important? Why is family needed?
2. Who is a family?


  1. There are four members in my family. Ours is a family_____ a) nuclear  b) big family  c) joint family  d) none of these
  2. The last name of a person is his___ a) common name b) surname  c) real name  d) all of these
  3. Who among the following is NOT a family member: a) grandparents  b) uncle  c) teacher  d) father
  4. What do you call these relatives:  a) your mother’s mother____ b) your mother’s brother___ c) your father brother___  d) your uncles and aunts children
  5. Fill in the blanks: i) we must share____ and ___ in the family ( quarrel, love, care) ii) big families have___ members ( more, less)   iii) ___ meet during family functions ( relatives, strangers)  iv) Grandparents tell _____ ( stories, poems)
  6. Name the different types of families.
  7. Name two good manners.
  8. Name two bad manners.


  1. What will you call parents of your parents:  a) uncle and aunts  b) grandparent  c) cousins  d) none of these
  2. What do we NOT learn from our family:  a) good habits  b) customs  c) fighting with cousins  d) sharing with all
  3. What do we learn from our families?
  4. Raja lives with his father, mother, sister and grandfather. Which kind of family is this:  a) small family  b) big family  c) joint family  d) single parent family
  5. Mother’s parents are my ____ a) uncle and aunt   b) grandparents   c) relatives   d) none of these
  6. Which of the following is mismatched: a) Grandfather- grandmother  b) aunt- uncle   c) father – son   d) None of these
  7. My mother brother is my __ : a) cousin   b) uncle   c) relative   d) friend
  8. What is a nuclear family?
  9. What is a joint family?


  1. Adit is brother of my father. He is my____ a) uncle b) grandfather  c) cousin d) friend
  2. My mother’s sister’s children are my___ a) nephew b) cousins  c) niece  d) none of the above
  3. I am Seema. My Uncle’s name is Mr Mohan. I am his___ a) niece b) nephew c) cousin  d) daughter
  4. What will you call the mother of your father: a) mother b) grandmother  c) aunt  d) friend
  5. Ranu surname is Gupta. Karena surname is Chawla. They belong to___  a) same family  b) different family  c) joint family  d) large family
  6. My father’s nephew or niece is my___  a) cousin  b) uncle  c) aunt  d) brother in law


  1. Anuj’s father has a sister, her name is Vani Saxena. Vani is Anuj’s___ a) mother  b) aunt  c) grandmother  d) sister
  2. Sara and Karena are sisters. Sara’s daughter is Karena’s:  a) niece  b) aunt  c) cousin   d) none of these
  3. Find the odd one out: a) mother , sister, aunt, teacher  b) father, mother, children, cousin   c) cousins, uncle, aunt, brother
  4. Shivam is bother of Rupa and father of Rahul. What will Rahul call Rupa: a) mother  b) sister   c) aunt  d) none of the above
  5. Study the given family tree of Shalini. Select the correct option regarding it . a) Shalini has two cousins    b) Shalini has two eleder brothers and one younger sister   c) Among the two aunts of Shalini, only one is married   d) Shalini’s grandfather has three daughters and one son
  6. Megha and Harsha are non siblings who have common grandparents but not common parents. They are _____ a) cousins   b) brothers and sister   c) friends   d) none of these
  7. Priya is married to Vishal. Vishal is____ of Priya: a) brother  b) husband   c) wife   d) father
  8. Solve the following puzzle:
  9. You can find this sheet from the following link: Meet My Family – English ESL Worksheets for distance learning and physical classrooms (