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environment science


class I

Key Concepts

school, principal, classroom, playground, staff room, accounts room, library, toilets, art and craft room, activity room, study room, bedroom, kitchen, living room

essential questions

1. Why do you think we need so many different rooms in house to do different activities?
2. Why do you think there are so many class rooms in a school?


My house and my school

1. The students practice dance in the: a) activity room  b) playground  c) library  d) medical room

2. _ is the head of the school. A) Principal b) teacher  c) gatekeeper  d) none of the above

3. The person who teaches us in school is our____ a) watchman b) principal  c) teacher   d) none of these

4. People who live near our houses are our____ a) teachers b) neighbors  c) classmates   d) friends

5. My mother cooks tasty food for me in the____ a) kitchen b)  dining room  c) bedroom  d) none of the above

6. The special clothes we wear to school : a) apron b) uniform  c) t shirt  d) kurta

7.Our house keeps us safe from___ a) heat, cold and family b) rain, winds and food  c) heat, cold and rain  d) cold, winds and school

7. Fill in the blanks using the words given in the box: kitchen, accountant library drawing room sick  

a) A___ has books in it.

b) We sit with our guests in the ____

c) ____ students go to the medical room.

d) My mother cooks food in the kitchen____

e) An____ accountant sits in the accounts office.



  1. Which of the places we use to study and learn: a) hospital b) school  c) kitchen  d) drawing room
  2. The surrounding area near our house is known as____ a) school b) neighbourhood  c) family  d) temple
  3. Our house protects us from: a) sun   b) rain c) animals d) all of these
  4. We live in our ___ with our family members. A) home b) office c) factory d) zoo
  5. Which of the following activity we learn at school: a) we learn to read and write b) We learn to fight  c) We learn to share our things with each other  d) both a and
  6. Where does a principal sit: a) principal’s office b) classroom  c) playground  d) none of these
  7. We learn to use the computer in the : a) computer lab b) staff room  c) Principal’s room   d) playground
  8. The teacher uses following things in the calssroom to write: a) chalk and blackboard    b) pen and blackboard   c) duster and blackboard   d) none of these


1. We find in the : a) bathroom b) bedroom  c) dining room  d) kitchen

2. Which of these is least likely to be found in the kitchen:



  1. In which of these rooms of house do we attend guests:
  2. Find the odd one out: a) Principal b) Teacher  c) Gatekeeper  d) Mother
  3. Why does a house have windows?
  4. What is a canteen? Does your school have one?