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environment science


class I

Key Concepts

national festivals, religious festivals, unity in diversity, national symbols

essential questions

1. Why do we celebrate festivals?
2. Why do you think we celebrate Independence day or republic day with so much enthusiasm? Why is it necessary?


  1. Which of the following is festival of light and crackers: a) holi b) diwali  c) dussehra  d) chirstmas
  2. What is the prayer of Muslims called___ a) aarti  b) namaaz  c) bhajan  d) azaan
  3. Whose birthday is celebrated as the Teacher’s day: a) Mahatma Gandhi  b) Jawahar lal Nehru  c) Dr Radhakrishnan  d) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  4. Guruparva is celebrated by____ a) Hindu b) Muslim  c) Sikh  d) Christmas
  5. Whose birthday is celebrated as children’s day: a) Mahataman Gandhi   b) Dr Radha Krishnan  c) Jesus Christ     d) Jawahar lal Nehru
  6. Which of the following is celebrated on 15th August every year: a) Independence day b) Christmas Day  c) Teacher’s day  d) Republic Day
  7. Which of the following festival is celebrated by Christians: a) Holi b) Christmas  c) Diwali  d) Eid
  8. Which of the following is the National festival of India: a) Eid b) Gandhi  Jayanti  c) Christmas Day   d) Teachers Day
  9. What do you mean by the following: a) Eidi  b) Akhand Path    c) Holika Dehan   d) Carols
  10. Name the holy book of the: a) Sikhs   b) Muslims  c) Christians  d) Hindus
  11. Identify the festival being celebrated as shown in the given picture and tell how people celebrate this festival: a) they decorate tree with sweets and toys   b) they go to mosque to pray namaaz  c) they throw coloured water on one another  d) they decorate Christmas tree


  1. Gulal and coloured water are used on which of the following festival: a) Holi   b) Diwali   c) Dusshera  d) Eid
  2. In which of the following occasion people use to decorate their house and burn crackers: a) dusshera  b) diwali  c) Chirstmas   d) Holi
  3. Which of the following is known as the festival of brother and sister: a) Diwali b)  Teacher’s day   c) Raksha Bandhan  d) Holi
  4. Which of the following is a correct match: a) Christmas_ crackers b) Diwali_ lakshmi puja    c) Guruparva__ santo Claus   d) Dusshera- color
  5. Meethi Sewaian is prepared in which of the following festivals: a) Holi  b) Diwali  c) Eid  d) Dusshera
  6. Which of the following is a family occasion: a) Birthday  b) wedding  c) Holi  d) Both a and b
  7. Which of the following festival is mentioned in the given image : a) Diwali  b) Christmas  c) Dusshera  d) Good Friday


  1. Rajghat is the Samadhi of which of the following national leaders:
  2. Dusshera is celebrated on____ day of Navaratra a) 2   b) 3  c) 5  ) 10
  3. Which of the following festivals is celebrated on the same date every year: a) raksha bandhan b) Janmashtami  c) Durga puja  d) Christmas
  4. Look at the picture on left. Its name is jumbled up. Write the correct name with the help of these words in the blanks given:      I  W D L A I              E L D I U T F I R      P U G R U B A R    O H L I     M H A  R C  S I T S


  1. Look at the table and find the correct answer:    a) X= holi , Y- sewaian, Z= Eid   b) X= holi   Y= santa Claus   Z= Republic Day    c) X= Eid, Y= Holi   Z= teacher’s day     d) X= Diwali , Y= Santa Claus  Z= Christmas Day
  2. Consider the following statements and choose the correct option. Statement A: teachers Day is a national festival. Statement B Eid is celebrated by Muslim. A) Statement A is true. Statement B is false   b) Statement A is false. Statement B is true  c) Both the statement are true d) Both the statements are false