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environment science


class I

Key Concepts

family, joint family, big family, small family, grandparents, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, cousins

essential questions

1. Why is family important?
2. How are we supposed to live in a family?


  1. Our home protects us from_____  a) rain  b) wind  c) animals  d) all of these
  2. In which of the following rooms, we use to take rest:  a) kitchen   b) bedroom   c) bathroom   d) drawing room
  3. A family that consists of mother, father and children is known as_____ a) joint family   b) small family   c) big family   d) good family
  4. Ramesh is the brother of my father. He is my____ a) aunt   b) uncle    c) cousin  d) none of the above
  5. Reena and Sheena are my uncle’s children. They are both my-___  a) brother    b) sister   c) cousin   d) aunt


  1.   This type of family is known as____  a) small family   b) joint family   c) big family d) both b and c
  2. Which of these show your contribution as a helping hand in your family
  3. Members of a family have one word common in their name. It is called as:  a) nickname   b) pet name  c) first name  d) surname
  4. Rehaan lives with his father, mother, grandmother, uncle, aunt and cousin. Ravi is living in a ____ family:  a) joint family   b) big family  c) small family  d) both a and c
  5. You are living in a joint family with parents, uncle, aunt, cousin and grandmother. Everyone loves you very much. Which of these work you could do in your family to help your family members:  a) you can play with them  b) you can earn money  c) you can set table for meals   d) you can paint the doors
  6. Write different roles of your family members. For example, My mother goes to office.


  1. Who among the following is NOT a family member: a) uncle b) wife  c) grandfather  d) teachers
  2. Which of the following is an incorrect match: a) grandfather’s wife – grand b)  Uncle’s wife – Aunt   c) Mother’s mother —- grandfather    d) Uncle’s son —- nephew
  3. Father and mother together are called____ a) family b) aunt  c) parents   d) none of these
  4. Our parents brother and sisters are called: a) cousins b) uncles and aunts  c)  grandparents  d) neighbors
  5. The family in which children live with parents is known as: a) joint family   b) nuclear family  c) small family  d) both b and c
  6. People who live in the same house make up a:  a) society   b) family   c) neighbor   d)  parents
  7. If you brother/ sister got into the bad habit of lying, what would you do to help him/ her in getting rid of it


  1. If myself, the only son, is living with my father and mother in New Delhi, then my family has how many members: a) two   b) three  c) four  d) five
  2. If my family consist of 4 members in that case the fourth member of my family will be my___ a) sister b) gardener  c) teacher  d) all of these
  3. What will you call the mother of your father: a) father  b) aunt  c) grandmother d) teacher
  4. The son of your mother will be your: a) aunt b) uncle  c) sister  d) brother