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My-e-plan Coming soon…


My-e-plan has been developed to help you in reaching your desired goal in a scientific manner provided you follow all the steps which are there in the tool and understand the objective behind them:


Section 1:

Designing my Learning objectives This page is the most important section of the tool. Keep in mind to spend at least 40 percent of your time on writing this page. If you get this page right the rest of the sections will actually help you in making your plan effective in classroom. While working on this page you need to keep in mind the following steps:

Step 1: Define learning outcomes to be achieved based on learning domains 

Step 2: Choosing the pedagogic approach in class to achieve your learning outcomes

Step 3: Designing essential questions

These three steps will help you in creating an overarching view of how your class will proceed. A lot has been written about the need to define Learning domains and the activities one should take to achieve them. This page will help you frame your learning outcomes by guiding you with correct key verbs you should use for each domain.    

Section 2: 

My Assignments  Assignments are an integral part of learning process of students. It has been observed a high quality assignments have a positive impact on the students learning outcomes. Using this section you can develop your assignments based on the learning domains you actually want to develop in your students.    

Section 3: 

My Evaluation  Evaluating once performance helps in improving the next step we will take in future. Self evaluation section in view myEplan will help the User in critically assessing one’s own performance in class and give them an idea on how to improve their performance in future.