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Analysis of Evaluation Sheet

   Analysis of Evaluation Sheet

Subject:                                                                      Class:                                            Sec:

Chapter:                                                                      No of Periods Required

Classroom Performance- Period wise Analysis of Evaluation Parameters:

  1. Understanding the Content-
    Average percentage_______ for parameters chosen________,______________,___________,____________ for the periods in which chapter was finished.
  2. Process demonstrated by the students to understand the content average % ______________ for parameters chosen ____________,_____________,________________
  3.  Application of the content shown by average % ____________, for parameters chosen ____________,___________,__________

Learning Domains Achieved at the end of the chapter:
1. Average % of _________students  were able to __LD1_______ the content of the chapter

2.. Average % of __________students  were able to __LD2_______ the content of the chapter by using project activity