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Key ConceptsChapter Name:
Nouns, names of places, names of animal, name of things, name of personIntroduction to Nouns
place value up to hundreds, number name, number line, skip counting,greater than lesser than, matching the correct optionsNumber Sense
Array, rows and columns, multiplication, repetitive addition, picture based additionIntroduction to Multiplication
place value up to hundred, addition, subtraction, array based questions, abacus based questions, word problemsaddition and subtraction
hundreths, tenths, fraction to decimal, decimal to fraction, word problem, multiplication, addition, division and subtraction of decimalsDecimal
Word problem, subtraction, simple ways, picture method, connecting words like gave, passed, taken, sold, ate to the meaning of subtraction, creating equation, picture problemsIntroduction to word problems Subtraction
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, measurements, fractions, word problemsFractions Word problem
equivalent fractions, proper fractions, improper fractions, word problem, multiplication and division of fractionFractions
co prime numbers, factors, word problem, multiples, composite numbersFactors and multiples
Data handling, mensuration on area volume rectangle, square, cuboid, cube, triangleMixed questions
decimal, factors, fractions, measurement, directions30 mins Mental Maths Questions- Objective Questions
Fractions, decimals, area, numbers, word problems, understanding place value20 mins Mental Maths Questions- Objective Questions
kilometer, meter, hectameter, decameter, decimeter, centimeter, milimeter, litre conversion, grams and Kilo grams conversion, word problems, ft to yard, ounces to pounds, reading number line, fractionsConversions on metric system
plant cell, animal cell, multi cellular, unicellular, functions of a cell, white and red blood cell, parts of a cell, cell wall, organelleUnderstanding the Cellular world
churning, condensation, decantation, evaporation, filtration, handpicking, saturated solution, sedimentation, sieving, solution, threshing, winnowingSeparation of Substances
matter, types of matter, metals, hard, soluble, insoluble, opaque, rough, lustre, tranparent, translucent, mixturesSorting materials into groups
cotton, wool, fibre, fabric, retting, ginning, weaving, knitting, yarn, loom, natural fibres, man made fibresFibre to Fabric
carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins minerals, deficiency diseases, nutrients, starch test, protein test, dietary fibers, balanced diet, obesity,Components of food
carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins minerals, deficiency diseases, nutrients, starch test, protein test, dietary fibers, balanced diet, obesity,Components of food
Food types, variety of food, plant parts, animal foods, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, ingredients, sprouted seeds, nectar, edible food, autotrophs, hetrotrophsFood: Where does it come from?
biosphere, Lithosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, oceans basins, continents, water, blue planet, indented coastline, natural disasters, glaciersMajor Domains of the Earth
maps, scale, types of maps, direction, cardinal points, conventional symbols, sketch, planMaps
Rotation, revolution, axis, orbital plane, circle of illumination, leap year, elliptical orbit, solicstice, equinoxMotions of The Earth
Longitudes, latitudes, Time zone, calculating time, axis, equator, prime meridian, standard timeGlobe: Longitudes and Latitudes
Phases of moon, celestial bodies, north pole, stars, constellations, planets, geoid, satellite, galaxy, Universe, asteroidsThe Earth in the Solar System
Key ConceptsChapter Name: