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Food types, parts of plants, animal food, food sources, carnivores, omnivores herbivores,nectar, sprouted seeds, ingridients, components of food, balanced diet, deficiency diseases, carbohydrates, energy, minerals, nutrients, protiens, roughage, vitamins, starchFood: where does it come from and components of food
occupations, urban areas, earning opportunities, self employed, sources of income, factory workers, entrepreneur, municipal corporation, village livelihoodsurban livelihoods
earn a living, equal opportunities,forms of livelihood, cottage industry, agriculture, agricultural laborers, farming, horticulture, occupations, seasonal occupations, non farm works, migrationRural livelihoods
municipal corporation, Councillor committees, ward, tax collection,Urban Administration
patwari, police station, land records, land disputes, land laws, villagesRural administration
Government at village level, villages, gram sabha, smallest level of government, democracy, panchayati rajPanchayati Raj
Democracy, legislative assembly, parliament, constitution, key elements, International countries, aparthied, participation, conflict, equality, justice, discrminationKey elements of a democratic government
Democracy, legislative assembly, parliament, federal government, constitution, elections, monarchyWhat is Government?
prejudice, difference, stereotype, rural and urban people, gender bias, inequality, religion, caste, equalityDiversity and Discrimination
Unity, diversity, culture, customs, languages,religion, food and costumes, rituals and traditionsUnderstanding diversity
addition, carry over sums, place value upto tens, greater than and lesser than, missing number, ordinal numbers, number namesAddition
Skip counting, Place value up to tens, Number line, number names,Number Sense
place value, number name,greater than lesser than, matching the correct optionsNumber Sense
place value, number name, number line, skip counting,greater than lesser than, matching the correct optionsNumber Sense
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Shape of earth, continents and Oceans, globe, Problems using globe, parallel lines, meridians, longitudes, latitudes, grid, time zonesGlobe, Imaginary Lines, Longitudes and Latitudes
Democracy, legislative assembly, parliament, federal government, constitution, elections, monarchyDemocracy
Key ConceptsChapter Name: