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  • Science - Chemistry
  • Class VI
Chapter Name:Fibre to Fabric
RememberingRemembering Create questions for Learning domain Remembering
Remembering-Question 11.Select the option that correctly fills the blanks in the given sentences. a) _____ of a flax plant provides fibres. b) ____ is the cheapest natural fibre c) the process of separating cotton fibres from cotton seeds is called______ d) ______ is obtained by spinning together a bunch of fibres. e) ______ is a blended fabric f) The loose fluffy fibres are untangled and combed to form a long soft rope called a_
Remembering-Question 2Which of the following does not belong to the group: a) Wool b) Cotton c) Silk d) Nylon
Remembering-Question 3Define the ginning
UnderstandingCreate questions for Learning domain Understanding
Understanding-Question 1What is a difference between fibre and thread?
Understanding-Question 2Give a detailed flowchart of various types of fibres with their sources and examples.
ApplicationCreate questions for Learning domain Application
Application-Question 1Two fabrics X & Y burn when brought close to flame of a candle. While burning X shrivels up and produces a heavy odour and Y burns faster than X smells of burning paper. Can you tell what is fabric X and Y made of?
Application-Question 2Fill in the blanks with the right terms: The process of making yarn from fibres is called _______. Yarn used for making fabrics. Two main processes are used to make fabrics from yarn. In process _________, two sets of yarn are arranged together to make a fabric while in process _______single yarn is used o make a piece of fabric.
AnalysisCreate questions for Learning domain Analysis
Analysis-Question 1Make appropriate changes in the following paragraph. Cotton plant is annual shrub. It grows in cold climate. Black soil is best suited for the cultivation of this plant. The stems of cotton plant are called cotton bolls. The seeds with cotton fibres are picked from the cotton bolls by hand. After picking up the fibres are separated from the seeds by the process called combing
Analysis-Question 2True or False a) Weaving is done with machine and Knitting is done with hand only b) Weaving uses two sets of yarn while knitting involves only one yarn c) Weaving is done for silk only while knitting is done for wool only. d) Weaving is done by loom and knitting is done by hand only
EvaluationCreate questions for Learning domain Evaluation
Evaluation-Question 1Why do animal right activist oppose the use of silk?

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