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  • Science - Chemistry
  • Class VI
Chapter Name:Separation of Substances
RememberingRemembering Create questions for Learning domain Remembering
Remembering-Question 1Changing of liquid into its vapor state is called: a) evaporation b) boiling c) distillation d) condensation
Remembering-Question 2Decantation can be used to separate: a) two miscible liquids b) two gases mixed together c) a solid- solid mixture d) two immiscible liquids
Remembering-Question 3Define the term filtrate
UnderstandingCreate questions for Learning domain Understanding
Understanding-Question 1Whats the difference between filtration and decantation?
Understanding-Question 2Write the difference between evaporation and condensation?
ApplicationCreate questions for Learning domain Application
Application-Question 1Is it correct to say soil is mixture? Give reasons.
Application-Question 2Why is filtration better than decantation? Can you think of the places where we use filtration instead of decantation?
AnalysisCreate questions for Learning domain Analysis
Analysis-Question 1Classify substances in the list given below as a pure substance and a mixture. Also give reasons : a) common salt b) alcohol c) water d) silver f) cold coffee
Analysis-Question 2Do you think water dissolves any amount of substance that will be poured in it? Can you explain this with an experiment? Also give reasons as to why?
EvaluationCreate questions for Learning domain Evaluation
Evaluation-Question 1Can you think of a reason as to why do mixtures not have a fixed melting point or boiling point?

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