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  • Mathematics
  • Class IV
Chapter Name:30 mins Mental Maths Questions- Objective Questions
RememberingRemembering Create questions for Learning domain Remembering
Remembering-Question 1Find 3/7 of 35
Remembering-Question 2Round off the following to nearest 2 decimal place: a) 2.5679 b) 3.4526 c) 12.4329 d) 23.9876
Remembering-Question 3Find the sum of:a) 1/3+1/6 b) 2/8+1/3 c) 2/7+1 1/2
UnderstandingCreate questions for Learning domain Understanding
Understanding-Question 1If x +19= 32, find x?
Understanding-Question 2a) 0.73 +____= 1.5 b) 1.2= ____- 0.12
ApplicationCreate questions for Learning domain Application
Application-Question 1I am facing north east right now. I turn anticlockwise right angle. What direction am I facing now?
Application-Question 2Captain had $80. Finney has $20 plus seven $5 dollar bills? Who has more and how much?
AnalysisCreate questions for Learning domain Analysis
Analysis-Question 1I am between 20 and 30. I am a multiple of both 3 and 4? Who am I?
Analysis-Question 2The multiples of 5 all end in 0 or 5. A) True B) False
EvaluationCreate questions for Learning domain Evaluation

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