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  • Mathematics
  • Class II
Chapter Name:addition and subtraction
RememberingRemembering Create questions for Learning domain Remembering
Remembering-Question 1Identify the place value of 1 in the following numbers: a) 100 b) 215 c) 431 d) 111
Remembering-Question 2Fill in the blanks: a) 429 = 4 hundreds+ ____ tens +____ones b) 340= ____ hundreds + ____ tens +___ones c) 789= 7____+8____+____ones
Remembering-Question 3Write the number in ascending order: a) 40 tens+ 20 ones b) 5 hundreds+ 5 tens+ 1ones c) 7 hundreds+ 0 tens +0 ones d) 1 hundreds+20 tens
UnderstandingCreate questions for Learning domain Understanding
Understanding-Question 1What is the sum of these numbers: 52, 23, 16, 7
Understanding-Question 2Subtract a number form 40 that results in 40.
ApplicationCreate questions for Learning domain Application
Application-Question 1There were 456 people at stadium. If 143 of them were men and the rest were women, then how many women were there?
Application-Question 2Seema has two boxes. Each box has 8 sweets in it. She gave 6 sweets to her friend. How many are left with Seema?
AnalysisCreate questions for Learning domain Analysis
Analysis-Question 1There were 8 animal in a farm. 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses and 2 cows. How many legs were there all together on the wall?
Analysis-Question 2Find the value of P and Q respectively . If P P - Q P = P 0 a) 0,8 b) 8,0 c) 9,6 d) 8,4
EvaluationCreate questions for Learning domain Evaluation
Evaluation-Question 1A shopkeeper sold twice as many eggs on Sunday than on Saturday. And he sold 4 times as many eggs on Wednesday than on Sunday. he sold 25 eggs on Saturday. How many eggs he sold on Sunday and Wednesday respectively?

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