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  • Mathematics
  • Class II
Chapter Name:Number Sense
RememberingRemembering Create questions for Learning domain Remembering
Remembering-Question 1Tell the place value of the number 3 in the following numbers: a) 312 b) 539 c) 303 d) 330 e) 733
Remembering-Question 2The place value of digit 7 in 765 is ______. a) 700 b) 70 c) 7
Remembering-Question 3Match the following number names with the given numbers: a) 456 a) Seven Hundred and Ninety b) 371 b) one hundred and twenty three c) 890 c) Three Hundred and Seventy One d) 123 d) Eight Hundred and Ninety e) 790 e) four hundred and fifty six
UnderstandingCreate questions for Learning domain Understanding
Understanding-Question 1Choose the smallest three digit number from below: a) 090 b) 101 c) 001 d) 099
Understanding-Question 2Circle the second largest number in the group of numbers given: a) 595, 689, 675 b) 550, 657,675 c) 798, 789, 799 d) 400, 350, 450
ApplicationCreate questions for Learning domain Application
Application-Question 11. Five Hundreds and fifteen ones is same as______ 2. Seventeen ones and seventeen tens is same as______ 3. Fifty tens and 60 ones is same as_____ 4. Nine hundred ones and 5 tens is same as_____
Application-Question 2Riya has six beads in the column of abacus. She has to make the largest number using these six beads. What will be the number and how will it show on the abacus?
AnalysisCreate questions for Learning domain Analysis
Analysis-Question 1Which of the following is INCORRECT? a) There are 3 ones in 543 b) 770 ones is same as 77 tens c)The largest 3 digit number formed using 5, 6, 9 each only once is 956 d) The place value of 7 in 789 is 700.
Analysis-Question 2Arrange the numbers in increasing order: A- 6 Hundreds +8 ones B- 1 hundred +6 tens +9 ones C- 7 hundreds + 1 ones D 1 hundred +6 tens +5 ones
EvaluationCreate questions for Learning domain Evaluation

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