Art Integration Project- Warli Art Class 7-8

Art Integration Project- Warli Art form  Class 7-8 

Learning Outcome:

1.Students will learn to map the journey of art among humans since centuries and how it has evolved from cave man to the settled man

2. Students will learn how we can integrate the various information that they are learning in various subjects to save our culture and heritage when they learn about the concept of Intellectual property rights

Project Details

Social Science: What is the history of Warli Art form and how is it related to Bhimbheketa Painintgs?

Mathematics: Explain how mathematical figures that are being used in Warli art make it different from other art forms. Write in 100 -150words

Civics: Write a short note Intellectual property rights wrt Warli Art? What is IPR? Why do you think it was applied in case of Warli Art?

Environmental Science: Why do you think mother nature has been considered to be the central figure in all the warli paintings

Painting: Draw a painting of Warli art showing how you respect mother nature.


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December 3, 2021

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