Cultural Map- Class 9-12

Integrated Project on Creating a Cultural Map of your District

  There are total of 748 districts in India as of 2021. This project will help students understand how cultural diversity in India has evolved over centuries.

Outline of the activity:

  1. Name the District your school is in:
  2. Latitude and Longitude:
  3. State:
  4. Make the administrative structure of your district, where you write in how many towns and villages does your district have? Who is the District Collector of your district?
  5. Mention the agricultural land and forest land in your district. What type of crops are grown in your district? What type of vegetation present in the forested areas of your district?
  6. Mention the industries that are present in your district. Find out the the places from where the raw material is sourced.
  7. What are the main festivals celebrated in your district?
  8. Create  a demographic profile  of the population in your district.
  9. Map the demographic profile with the industries and occupation levels of the population your district.
  10. Create a timeline of how the history of your district has changed in last 200 years.
  11. Create a bubble map which reflects how food, festival and culture of your district is connected with demographics of the district.
  12. Make a timeline showing how the occupation of the people in your district has changed for last 100 years. While making this timeline can you think of the reasons why the timeline is reflecting that type of data?



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December 13, 2021

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