Role of Newsprint- Class 4 and 5

Name of the project:  Understanding the importance of a Newspaper

Time period: 4- 5 periods

Topics: a) Understanding the History of Newsprint around the world

  1. b) Concept of money and averages
  2. c) Understanding the day to news and how it gets converted into History

 Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the importance of media and the role they play in our day to day life
  2.  Learns to relates to the feelings of editors and appreciation of the opinion and voice of the public and sensitivity towards relief rescue operations
Name of the Learning Activity Defining Specific Learning Objectives/ learning Outcomes Describing Learning Outcomes
Cognitive Non Cognitive

i) Debate : Oldest print media vs Audio Visual Media

ii) Newspaper reading


i) Makes a list of different newspaper which come at home and in school and important newspapers of the world

ii) Collect news cutting related to some historical event in the history like some discovery of  some artifacts in excavations site around the world

General Awareness

i)Collect quiz, scrabbles, crosswords from children’s corner, weather reports, stock market news



i)Samachar patra

ii)Frame a  news letter for your school mentioning about events of the school in one week

Write a letter to the editor for a complaint






Select a topic of any incident collect pictures/ reports and prepare a collage

1.Learn about different means of communication

2.Importance of these means

3.Knows about the different places and happenings around the world

  1. Learns to do news reading
  2. Learns the importance of news paper
  3. Learns the names of different newspapers around the world and their date of origin
  4. Indulges in reading of reference



1.  Scan through the newspaper and understand the significance of different columns eg speaking tree, editorial column,  city news, national, sports, business news

  1. Indulge in reading of reference materials and prepares report


1.Learns new words in Hindi, Learns history of newspaper in various languages & its publishing

2.Role of a news reporter , editor etc

1. Learns to assimilate and collect information and write a report

2. Learns to express his/ her views


1. Learns to calculate Money and understands about the various currencies in world

2. Learns to make the monthly, yearly bills for the school and his household

1. Creates a collage

  1. Knowledge
  2. Understanding
  3. Skills and application
  4. Critical thinking

5.     Communication in terms of mass media. Brand awareness and professional career

6. Creativity

7. Problem Solving

8. Knowledge

9. Originality


10. Creativity

11. Exploration

12. Synthesis and connection of ideas

1.Relates to the feelings of editors and appreciation of the opinion and voice of the public

2. Sensitivity towards relief rescue operations

3. Motivation( through great work done by people)

4. Confidence

5. Learns about team work

6. Co-operation

7. Peer Collaboration









8. Use of money





9.  Appropriate color scheme, appreciation of visual art


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October 25, 2021

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