Seed Story- class 1 and 2

Name of the project: Story of a seed                    

Learning Outcomes : Students will Understands the importance of nutritious food by learning to make their own salads with sprouts.

Students will be able to establishes cause and effect relationship on how food reaches our table for every meal

Students will be able to develops values such as co-operation, tolerance, caring and sharing and dignity of labor when they perform various activities together in classroom

Time period: 1 week (7 periods)

Topics: 1. Germination of seed

  1. Action words, describing words, creative writing
  2. Weighing, sorting, addition/ subtraction, counting strategies
Learning Activity Specific Learning Objectives / Outcomes Describing the Learning Outcomes
Cognitive Non Cognitive

1.Weighing of Different Pulses

2. Sorting of Pulses


3. Filling a picture with pulses

General Awareness

4. Germination of seed

5. Making salad (three bean)

1.        Estimate Handful of Pulses

2.        Verifies and measures with a help of balance

1. Identifies the kind of pulses

2. Classifies according to size and color

3. Performs simple addition and subtraction

1.        Created design with pulses

1.Understands the importance of various components like air, soil, water and sun

2. Observes growth patterns

1.        Understand nutritional importance of pulses and sprouts

2.        Grasps new action words like squeezing, sprinkling, tossing and serving

3.        Sequences the sentence patterns of the hands on experience

1. Estimation through tactile sense

2.Problem Solving


4. Creativity

5. Problem Solving

6. Originality

7. Critical thinking

8. Observational Skills

9. Exploratory

10. Internalization of language items 11. Creativity

Peer collaboration


Self directed

Appreciation of visual arts

Interactive learning

Hand work



Caring Sharing

Dignity of Labor



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October 25, 2021

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