Post TitleClassSubjectName of Chapter
AdjectivesClass VILanguage - EnglishAdjectives and degree of comparision
ost TitleClass XIIScience - Biologyost Titleost Title
Addition and SubtractionClass IIMathematicsGive and Take
reflection of lightClass VIIIScience - Physicslight
This and thatKindergartenLanguage - EnglishThis and that
Missing letterNurseryLanguage - EnglishMissing letter
English literatureClass VIILiterature - EnglishAn Alien Hand
DecimalsClass VMathematicsTenths and Hundredths
English grammarClass VILanguage - EnglishAdjectives
Means of TransportKindergartenEVSMeans of transport
animal physiologyClass XScience - Biologylife processes
Number one more thanNurseryMathematicsOne more than
Marketing & Marketing MixCommerce - Business Studies/CommerceMarketing & Marketing Mix
LokgeetClass VILiterature - HindiLokgeet
AdolescenceClass VIIIScience - BiologyAdolescense
FrictionClass VIIIScience - PhysicsFriction
drugs or medicinesClass XIIScience - Chemistrychemistry in every day life
GeographyClass VIIIGeographyLand, soil,water, natural vegetation and wildlife
Use of This and ThatKindergartenLanguage - EnglishUse of This and That
Reproduction in flowering plantsClass XIIScience - Biologyreproduction in flowering plants
Pair of linear equations in two variablesClass XMathematicsPair of Linear equations in two variables
revolt of 1857Class XIIHistoryrevolt of 1857
Electric circuitsClass VIScience - PhysicsElectric Circuit
hashiyakaran se niptna (Discrimination)Class VIIICivicsHashiyakaran se niptna
Post TitleClassSubjectName of Chapter