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eShikshaChaupal is a unique technology driven interface facilitating educators to transform classroom learning into a lasting experience by focusing on enhancing the learning outcomes of students.

Its a tool that enables educators to route their lesson plans for developing higher order thinking skills and execute them accordingly.

Dept of Science & Tech, Govt of India
Among Top 400 Startups in India, 2018
Lucknow Management Association
LMA Outstanding Woman Achievers’ Award, 2018
We Can- Cherie Blair Foundation & US Embassy India
Winner of Business Plan Competition for Women Entrepreneurs, 2017

 Capacity Building

Our focus in on developing a consistent connection between teacher’s reflective tendencies and teaching effectiveness via our various e tools and instructional coaching models that involve intentional relationship building, targeted coaching strategies and meaningful support.

Our e tools offers a framework for breaking learning objectives into accessible chunks which can be used to direct day-to-day lesson plans and can be easily compared to their own goals for the class.

It aids instructors to focus on developing lesson’s learning objectives, by giving them an overall view into understanding  the complex cognitive development and how lower-level skills build into higher-order thinking (e.g., recalling facts and comprehending previous problems allows a student to apply their experience to similar problems). This e tool will facilitate prioritizing of teaching material, to guide the organization of lessons to maximize class time.

USP of our tool lies in assessing the teacher’s progress between what she had planned with what she has achieved after executing her plan, on the basis of various assessment methodologies, content and instructional materials she has used in class.

It identifies the teaching gaps and weak areas that exist among students even after creating a good plan and helping teacher’s in streamlining & monitoring their own  performances. 

community building

Our focus is on establishing powerful networks with individual teachers/ principals and connect them with other educational institutions, school boards, educational researchers, to share innovative practices, approaches to teaching and learning, developing school culture and ethos.

We are working towards creating opportunities for an ongoing exchange and collaboration of educational practitioners.

Two types of networking:


Horizontal Networks

Connect either individual teachers / principals or individual schools


Vertical Networks

Connect functionally different but interdependent educational institutions, such as schools, school boards, educational researchers and ministries of education.

research and development

The need for research and development is both to deepen understanding and generate new knowledge in the area of school leadership to inform the development of curriculum and other interventions for school-based transformation.
We work with educators to find effective methods in which education creates right impact among the students.


Improve Practice

Collection, documentation and dissemination of best leadership practices

Add to Knowledge

Contribute to new knowledge in the area of school leadership development in the Indian context

Address Gaps in Knowledge

Research can address areas in which little is know, like perhaps the effects of online versus traditional classroom learning.

Expand Knowledge

Research can allow us to extend what we know in ways we never conceived

Add Individual Voices to Knowledge

Research can add an important perspective for different learning types.

projects with school and students


Implementing Value based Integrated Learning format

Format involves connecting children with their surrounding environment through activities which are interconnected with their academics and co-curricular activities.

Gurgaon 2012-14


Pioneered the concept of ‘Rural Urban Student Exchange’ program

Where students from both a rural-urban government school connect with their counterparts studying in urban public schools during an academic year and exchange their ideas and learning during those stipulated meetings.

Rural Gurgaon 2012-2013



A clarion call by young minds is the CSR Initiative where we work with students from various schools pro bono with the objective of integrating scholastics & co-scholastics together. The students work on their own stories which are converted into scripts and presented as plays in front of the public at large. It’s an interschool competition with the intention of spreading to multiple cities of India.

Gurgaon and Lucknow 2014-2017

4Cs Student Programs